10 French Classics That You Must Read

French literature has given the world some of the best titles in the history as well as trend-setting authors, revolutionary artists and a new way of regarding culture as a part of every-day life that endures to this day. These are the classics to get you started in this amazing journey to the heart of French culture.

Beauty And The Beast By Madame De Villeneuve (1740)

There´s no point in explaining this classic taken to the big screen by Disney. The curse, the rose and the metaphor of beauty in written take another dimension; this book is a must.

The Book Of The City Of Ladies By Christine De Pizan (1405)

A woman writing under her own name in the Middle Age is already a novelty. This book in particular is her amazing view on a fantastic city made of all the most famous women in history. It is a cry for rebellion of her kind.

The Book Of The City Of Ladies

The Flowers Of Evil By Charles Baudelaire (1857)

All poetry lovers should read this classic and be enlighted by Baudelaire´s dark genius. The content of this book is not for the faint of heart, just for the poetry lovers in the world.

Bubblegum Dungeon (2019)

2019 is the year of adult entertainment entering new societies. If you are a fan of BDSM art you need to be very first to know about Bubblegum Dungeon – a totally brand new series with an excellent twist on usual dark fetish fantasies taken to a broad light. Scenes are presented in as easy and approachable matter as chewing a bubble gum. Join us!

Bubblegum Dungeon - BDSM Series
Bubblegum Dungeon – BDSM Series

Les Misérables By Victor Hugo (1862)

Few pieces of written work have been represented so many times across the entire world as Les Miserables. This story of honor, courage and rebellion is a breath of hope in these times.

Gargantua And Pantagruel By François Rabelais, (16th Century)

The misadventures of a giant and his child spread all along five volumes of amazing writing are reasons enough to dive deep into this 16th century classic. Also, it will help you understand renaissance much better.

Gargantua And Pantagruel

In Search Of Lost Time By Marcel Proust (1913-1927)

This non-linear novel is a masterpiece that could have only come from the mind of such a talented writer as Marcel Proust. It took him almost 15 years to complete and it was time well spent.

Indiana By George Sand (1831)

Love and adultery in the eyes of a hidden female author in 1831 is what this book is all about. Amantine Aurore Dupin writes about female desire, frustration, loveless marriages and insatisfaction.

Madame Bovary By Gustave Flaubert (1856)

Tragedy wraps madame Bovary from head to toe in Gustav Flaubert´s masterpiece. The complex, tragic and beautiful plot make Emma a character you fall in love with the moment you “meet” her.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth By Jules Verne (1864)

Jules Verne is arguably the finest voice of science fiction in the 19th century. He wrote many amazing stories and they are all worth reading; starting with this one is a good step forward.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

The Masterpiece By Émile Zola (1886)

If you want a little sip of what Cezanne or any amazing French artist of the 19th Century had to go through, this is a masterpiece.


Missing out on French literature is missing out on a big chapter of human culture. Don´t be left out and start with these classics so you can have a new perspective on life.

Author: LaLettrine

In recognition of the national pride of the French, their feelings, identity as a nation, and civilization, French literature is deemed to be a brilliant and excellent facet of the French.