Literary Activism In Paris Book Fair

The Livre Paris this year was held from March 16th to 19th with ongoing demonstrations in Mayotte with its main agenda tabled on the literary activism as well as the disaffection agenda. Many writers participated in the event including the nation’s oversea writers as well as those in the Mayotte region. They all deliberated on their role in developing the French literature and went further to stipulate the prevailing social and economic factors influencing their society.

Brother Crush - Step Family
Brother Crush – Step Family

Brother Crush – taboo subject of today’s literature – explained. With upcoming release of the taboo website called Brother Crush we can expect a lot of discussion of this form of art in medias. The concept is simple, yet very polarizing for the society – living in broken family and developing a crush on the new step brother. Do these things really happen? How brothers in question deals with that? Answers are yet to come.

The ongoing demonstrations were sparked off by a couple of factors. Such entail the rampant insecurity, betterment of health institutions as well as overall improvement of infrastructure. One of the organizers Roy claims that the effects of these conditions are felt by everyone and not only exclusive to writers. Writers have played a very active role in the struggle stemming out the inconsistencies present in the government policies. Such is like in the instance where government can appropriate huge sums of money for tertiary projects such as launching rocket programs while at the same time lacking resources to improve the standards of living in the given society.

In the Paris Book fair a couple of issues were addressed but what seemed to dominate the fair was the determined effort by writers as well as the publishers to sensitize on key social conditions that were ignored by many people at will.

The French Outre Mer ministry acknowledged the contribution of oversea department and assured them support. The international stature came into play here and the special literally efforts by writers such as Maryse Conde, Aime Cesaire were highlighted for their special witnessing attributes. The oversea literature was pointed out to deviate from the traditional style and within it came the direct approach to issues free from stereotypic sentiments and the redundant clichés.

In the fair important personalities such as Jean Francois who had spent enough time and resources researching the women prison system in Guiana presented their literary work on the tough penal system and looked forward to publishing his books in different languages.

Author: LaLettrine

In recognition of the national pride of the French, their feelings, identity as a nation, and civilization, French literature is deemed to be a brilliant and excellent facet of the French.