What was the main form of literature achievement in the 20th century?

The 20th century and the 19th century were similar as far as French literature was concerned. In the two centuries, the main achievement in literature was the novel. Fiction writing has garnered untold success in terms of factors such as contemporary culture, development of new and imminent houses of publishing, evolution and development of paperback, and the development of various movies. Be that as it may, French literature has maintained a constant stand in addressing the question of moral standards, personal emancipation and habitual methods, and esteeming language among others. Famous novelists that contributed to the development of the novel as the main form of achievement are Pierre Loti, Marcel Proust, and Maurice Barres among other famous literature scholars. The mid twentieth century saw the fall of the novel since a majority of the literature scholars chose to abandon it terming it as a dwindling way of influencing the future generation.

What was founded to be an alternative to the novel?

In the mid 19th century, several groups teamed together and formed acting groups that would pass information through theatre action. Those groups were really phenomenal and they made the French stage of acting to be invigorated in a great manner. The play that is deemed to be the pioneer to the theatre was acted by Alfred Jarry, dubbed UbuRoi, and it was acted in the year 1896. Even if it is said that Alfred scandalized the play, UbuRoi was the pioneer in the theatre in the mid and early 1900s. A new way of doing drama was adopted by Eugene Brieux, Francois de Curel, and Jules Renard. Paul Claudel and Maurice Maeterlinck ensured that drama had a unique symbolism that was fitted in it.

When was poetry introduced in French Literature?

Literature scholars in France under the influence of the greater Roman literature thought it wise to introduce poetry. This was done in the mid 20th century in the midst of other competitive poetic works that had already hit the literature market. Some of the scholars who made outstanding poetic works were Paul Claudel, Guillaume Apollinaire who was somehow experimental in his poetic works, and Paul Valery whose works were always elusive in imagery. In spite of the immeasurable success in poetry in early France, some other scholars were categorical that there against the poetic force that was imminent. Some of those scholars were Pierre-Jean Jouve, Francis Carco, and Robert Desnos among others.

What were some of the intellectual trends that characterized the French revolution in literature?

Romanticism was a theory that was mainly influenced by the Rousseau philosophy. These writings were by scholars such as Germaine de Stael, Alphonse de Lamartine, and Alfred de Musset among others. The writings done in the late 19th century made it possible to transit from romanticism to realism were done by scholars such as George Sand and Stendhal. Both the themes were mainly focused on discovering self realization and the tribulations of the inner self.

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In recognition of the national pride of the French, their feelings, identity as a nation, and civilization, French literature is deemed to be a brilliant and excellent facet of the French.