Top 5 French Writers of Our Current Generation

Writing is a form of art appreciated all over the globe. For the writers in France however, writing is more than just mere art. Writing is a form of communication and most writers use this platform for reaching out to their audience and expressing their opinions. For the creative writers, writing provides them with a platform where they can express their talents and skills set. Not forgetting that the city of Paris is dubbed the “city of love” meaning some French writers have ventured into writing books about love. However, something that is certain is that no good work goes unrecognized. Here, we look at some of the best French writers of our current generation.

  1. Guillaume Musso

At the age of only 37 years, Guillaume has manifested himself as one of the best French writers. He sold a record 1,567,500 of his book called Call from an Angel (L’Appel de l’ange). He tops the best-selling list ahead of other great writers such as Marc Levy. At his age, it is quite a remarkable attribute that he has already published eight books with XO. What is more is that all his books sell at high rates even though he only earns about 15% of the total income.

  1. Marc Levy
Latest work based on Perv Mom

Marc Levy appears in this list to the surprise of no one. One of his latest books sold over 1.5 million copies and just fell short or Guillaume by less. Levy has continued to have abundant success in the writing field selling well over 1.5 million copies annually. From the year 2000, Marc has written 1bout 13 books all of which have been successful. His latest, based on stories of Perv Moms, will take us to the American Dream kind of story. The reason it’s based on adult project of Perv Mom is simple – people around the world have strong image of how daily American housewife life looks like. They are about to get shocked.

  1. Katherine Pancol

Katherine is one of the most successful female writers in France and comes in third after Guillaume and Marc. At first, she focused on writing feminine books with most of her audience being women. However, when she walked into the hall of fame, she decided to write general stories. Currently, children men and women can read her work and derive inspiration from them.

  1. David Foenkinos

David is famous for his latest book called La Delicatesse that has sold over 900,000 copies earning him a place in our top 5 list. The book adopts a screen adaptation formula with his two main aids being his brother Stephane and one of the leading actresses called Audrey Tautou.

  1. Fred Vargas

Wrapping our top five list of great French writers of our time is Fred Vargas. She started out as an archeologist then became an author thanks to the efforts put in by Editor Viviane Hamy. Today, she is one the top writers in France and all over the globe. Her stories are mind-blowing and her audience loves how she can develop her conflicts and solve them.

France boasts producing some of the greatest writers the world has ever seen. In our current generation, the nation has not fallen short because its writers continue to run the show. In this article, we have taken into account five French writers that we think are currently doing well. However, many others are doing just as well.

Author: LaLettrine

In recognition of the national pride of the French, their feelings, identity as a nation, and civilization, French literature is deemed to be a brilliant and excellent facet of the French.