French Literature

The literature of the French has been brilliant across the world and has gained fame and consistency over the ages forming a concrete part of the civilization of the French people. French literature has been an item that French nationals can be proud of and forms a basic part of the unity of the French. Since the French are known to be a people of literature who are interested with great passion in language queries as well as exploring new ideas, the influence that has been passed over to the history of France by French intellectuals has been immense and is so even to date. A significant number of trends in literature find their basis in France. Every year has seen the awarding of various French nationals as well as the formation of private societies that contribute to the development of the French literature. In order to gain a proper understanding of France and its people, one has to gain knowledge of the French literature.

The middle ages

The rise of French literature began when dialects started being used by writers, and these dialects were curved from the Latin language. This Latin Language came to be known as the present day France. By and by the language gained momentum and was supreme over other languages. By the time it was in the 10th century, the Latin dialect was competing with the new dialect so as to have prestige. The 11th century is famous since it was the one that oversaw the birth of a new language that had some impressive poems. This new language in literature was Chansons de Geste. The poems were written to describe the heroic deeds done in attempts to ward of any threats posed by Charlemagne. The most significant and most prominent chanson among the ones that remain to date is the Chanson de Roland. This was developed in the 12th century and was mainly made so as to commemorate how Roland, nephew to Charlemagne, died in an action as he fought invasion by an array of characters.

Chansons came closely after the late 12th century. The genre developed hereof was tales of courtly love. It saw the light of day in with the sole purpose of reading them in a loud manner before the audience. The knights were also celebrated time and again. This was because the knights were strategic enough to access ladies of their choice and they fought really hard to have the ladies. The greatest poet who lived in this age was none other than Chretien de
Troyes. Marie de France was a critical inclusion in the development of several examples that have been used by many in their literature classes. The best poem that was done in this age was done by Guillaume de Lorris was Roman De La Rose. It was a medieval poem, meaning that it was influential across several ages. It was written in the year 1230. It would later be edited by Jean de Meung who added some lines in the satirical set up of the poem.

The today

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Author: LaLettrine

In recognition of the national pride of the French, their feelings, identity as a nation, and civilization, French literature is deemed to be a brilliant and excellent facet of the French.