History of French Literature

The greater half of the empire of Charlemagne Frankish which is an approximation of the current day France presents a new strand of European literature. German tribes, the Franks, are epic in their operations of the tradition. Heroism stood in place of the fierce warriors that beset the dangers posed by several threats.

However, the western empire of the Franks which has seen a great influence of the Romanians has been taken to be speaking the language of the Romans. This is in exchange of the German language. From this new development, it is evident that there are new trends in from the mentioned qualities. From the moment romance stepped into the picture, the warrior man was changed to be a better gentleman.

In order to display this epic change, there were poems that were done by a large group of people of roughly 80 persons. These poems were given the name songs of deeds. The performers were professional minstrels in mansions and various castles and they were more often than not accompanied by lutes as they celebrated marriage exploits of kings in Carolingian France. To be more specific, this was more focused on the paladins of Charlemagne.

The emphasis does not lie on the intense of the battle. It is now transferred on the participants as they get honored as well as the loyalties that they were required to exude in the feudal system. This was also supposed to extend in the obligations towards their religions and their crusades.

Chanson de Roland is one of the most ancient chansons de geste and it is also one of the greatest. This dates back from a period around 100. Even though Chanson de Roland has been included in the campaigns of Charlemagne, attention has been shifted to the Oliver and Roland’s followers other than the king in person.

This fact holds true for the cycle that was launched in a heroic manner in France in the late 12th century. King Arthur, who is an English King who got featured in the literature of the French, implies that emphasis is less on the table owner and more on the table corner. Queen Guinevere plays a new and important new role, this being a prominent and emerging role. Courtly love has now been inscribed to be named part of the tradition.

There is no other known influential love that is known in the entire world in French other than courtly love. This is a theme that revolves around a gentleman who is devoted to his wife who plays a role of an unattainable person. The theme is presented in a quintessential romantic manner. There is no any other known literal tradition even in Middle Age that goes beyond courtly love.

The first people to be connected with courtly love are the troubadours of South France. This was in the 12th century. It was a famous inception of courtly love and everyone came to know of it. This concept further moves to other areas in Europe making its way into the conventional literature.

Author: LaLettrine

In recognition of the national pride of the French, their feelings, identity as a nation, and civilization, French literature is deemed to be a brilliant and excellent facet of the French.