What France is Missing: The School of Fake Instructors!

Personal Standards

People will vary in terms of what they expect from their porn videos. Some people don’t really care about anything else as long as the porn video successfully stimulate them and they can get into the experience. Other people have higher standards for their porn videos. They might more or less want their porn videos to work as movies in their own right.

This is becoming more and more common in the twenty-first century. The reputation of porn as a whole is starting to change these days. Some people think that porn is becoming more respectable, and this means that some people are putting effort into making porn into something that could be sold as artistic. The Fake Driving School website is certainly effective as porn, and that will certainly suffice for plenty of people.

Porn and Art… Wait, what?!

Take a look yourself.

There are people who still swear that porn can never be art. They say that the purpose of porn and the purpose of art can never overlap. However, there are plenty of other art forms that are practical in nature, just like porn. Porn is supposed to stimulate people, which is a clear practical need. However, a lot of people consider cooking an art, and it also fulfills a purely practical need. This never stopped cooking from becoming an art form. People who hope to turn porn into an art might even be able to use cooking as an example as a form of art that has a strong practical event but that is still highly regarded.

The people who want porn to be an art might not find websites like the Fake Driving School website to their liking. The videos of the Fake Driving School are very much produced in a hugely low-budget manner. The acting is par for the course in old-school porn videos. The situations and the dialogue offer people what they will generally expect from porn stories of all kinds.

For a lot of people, this is already more than enough and they’re not going to care. If they find a video arousing, it’s a good video. They’ll get high-quality acting and dialogue from all of the other sources for that sort of thing in the modern world. Television shows and movies are getting more and more explicit when it comes to almost anything to do with sex, and this will work to the advantage of the people who want porn that has more substantial plotting and acting. However, there is still certainly an audience for the sort of low-budget porn that is offered on the Fake Driving School website.

All People Need

The videos of the Fake Driving School website have no pretensions about what they are trying to accomplish. These videos were created in order to provide titillation and gratification. For a lot of people, they will manage to do just that. These are not videos that will hugely subvert the porn genre. However, most people will not consider that a requirement of any kind with their porn videos.

Author: LaLettrine

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