Key Texts of French Literature

Key texts of French literature entails a material that is written such as a poem or book that is meant towards entertaining or telling a story. The major use of the text is normally for aesthetic purposes. There are however instances where it could contain political beliefs or messages. Key texts of French Literature could be classified under nonfiction, theater, poetry and fiction.


Non-fiction or nonfiction are content which are portrayed as a story. In this type of story, however, the writer takes responsibility for the accuracy or truth of the information presented, people and/or events, in good faith. Nonfiction could be presented in a subjective or objective manner. It is a major narrative division of writing prose, with the second narrative division being fiction. The particular factual descriptions and assertions in a nonfiction could be accurate and it could also not be accurate. A false or true account of the subject matter could be given. The major point here is that the writer of the accounts actually believes that their composition is true as at the time they are writing it. They also try to empirically or historically convince the audience about the truthful nature of the text. Some nonfiction French key texts include La Distinction by Pierre Bourdieu, and Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault.


Theater is a fine art collaborative form that features actresses and actors in live performance. They portray an imagined or real experience of an event, majorly on a stage, where people can come to watch them. Different mediums are used to communicate to the audience including through dance, music, song, speech and gesture combinations amongst others. Art elements are also used including stagecraft and painted scenery amongst others. These help to enhance the immediacy, presence and physicality of the experience. The name of the place where such events take place is known as theater. Some theater French key texts include En attendant Godot by Samuel Beckett and The Maids by Jean Genet.


Poetry is a key text of literature that focuses on rhythms and aesthetics of a language, such as the French language. Meter, sound symbolism and phonaesthetics are some of the language qualities in poetry. This is used to pass across meanings alongside prose or instead of prose.


Fiction is a story or story element that was gotten strictly from imagination and not strictly based on fact or history. There are many way to portray fictions including role-playing games, video games, animations, television programs, films, live performances and writings. Some French poets include AlmeCesaire and BiragoDiop. Some French fictional work includes Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan and La Nausee by Jean-Paul Sartre.

These classifications are very important as they guide individuals towards what to expect in a particular French literature. If you are a fan of French theatrics, you know you can easily visit a theater to enjoy some. You are also able to know when you should believe what you are reading as a fact (nonfiction) or when you should just read purely for entertainment, knowing the information are not based on fact or history (fiction).

Author: LaLettrine

In recognition of the national pride of the French, their feelings, identity as a nation, and civilization, French literature is deemed to be a brilliant and excellent facet of the French.