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In recognition of the national pride of the French, their feelings, identity as a nation, and civilization, French literature is deemed to be a brilliant and excellent facet of the French.

Genres of French Literature

A genre is a category of composition for literary works. The major factors that determine the genre of a literary work include length, content, tone and technique. The differences between categories and genres are loosely and flexibly defined. Some genres of French literature include tragicomedy, tragedy, satire, romance, mythopoeia, lyric, nonsense, erotic, epic, drama, comedy …


10 French Nobel Prize Winners in Literature

The Nobel Prize is an international award set that is held every year. The event which is held by Norwegian and Swedish institutions usually bestows awards for a number of categories to individuals from different country. The award is usually for the recognition of their contribution to scientific, cultural and/or academic advances. One of the …



What was the main form of literature achievement in the 20th century? The 20th century and the 19th century were similar as far as French literature was concerned. In the two centuries, the main achievement in literature was the novel. Fiction writing has garnered untold success in terms of factors such as contemporary culture, development …